Izakaya Juraku – East Village – New York, NY

This place I discovered after visiting the opening day of the International Center of Photography Museum and once the torrential downpour cleared that afternoon. Between a couple Japanese restaurants on top of each other, Juraku had a sign out for having over 40 craft Japanese beers available and right around Happy Hour I was sold! […]

Wanpaku – Greenpoint – Brooklyn, New York, NY

This place was such a lovely blind stab at the available happy hours on a Friday night with perhaps an hour and a half to spare after the usual drive up and across the city – and it did NOT disappoint at all! Very cozy atmosphere and a nicely tailored selection of specials for little […]

Lotsa Pizza, College Park MD

Lotsa Pizza is a great pizza chain with this location being literally right under University of Maryland, College Park Campus next to a Seven-Eleven. Awesome pizzas and sides by the slice or by the pie. I highly recommend checking this place out over the more standard competition in the area.

Italian Gourmet Deli, Alexandria VA

Italian Gourmet Deli is a awesome little Korean-run deli spot between Eisenhower Avenue and King Street metro stations that offers all your standard Italian fare and even has a nice little bar with draft beer to boot! I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in the area!

Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, Fairfax VA

It’s pretty rare to find an actually Japanese-run Japanese restaurants in the whole DC-MD-VA area, and Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is one of those hidden gems! Excellent sushi, hibachi grill, and even buffet options of Chinese dishes sure to please any customer that dines here. I highly recommend checking this place out if […]

Superbowl Noodle House, Rockville MD

Superbowl Noodle House is an incredible authentic Chinese gem of a restaurant located right in the Ritchie Center plaza on the crossing of Rockville Pike and Wootton Parkway in Rockville, MD, just a click from Richard Montgomery High School that I attended in the past. This place is seriously unlike any other Chinese restaurant I’ve […]

Firenza, Alexandria VA

Firenza is a creative pizzeria located in the Manchester Lakes shopping center in Alexandria VA. Excellent, gourmet pizzas, wings, and sides can be had here. I highly recommend checking this place out.  

Bold Bite, Bethesda MD

Bold Bite is a solid place for creative and hearty burgers, sausages, salads, and milkshakes right on Cordell Avenue in Bethesda, MD. I highly recommend checking them out because you just can’t go wrong with a burger and a shake! And if you are feeling fancy for some Tapas, it’s sister restaurant TapaBar on Fairmont […]

TapaBar, Bethesda MD

TapaBar is an atmospheric Spanish tapas restaurant right on Fairmount Avenue in Bethesda, MD. Huge selection of classic tapas and wines, so you really can’t go wrong here if you want to have a little bite of everything and especially if you want to share plates with your party. They do the pure amazement that […]

Me Mom’s Soulfood Cafe, Bowie MD

Me Mom’s in Bowie, MD, is a nice little soul food cafe with excellent dishes and desserts. I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the area.

Soupergirl, Washington DC

Soupergirl is a vegan and kosher soup shop with plenty of side orders and salads on top of their amazing, fresh soups. I highly recommend checking them out or ordering delivery!  

Capital City Cheesecake, Takoma Park MD

Capital City Cheesecake is a superb cafe and cheesecakery in Takoma Park, MD. Their breakfast and lunch food is excellent and the cheesecakes are superb!  I highly recommend checking them out or ordering delivery!

La Tasca, Alexandria VA

La Tasca is an excellent Spanish restaurant downtown Alexandria with excellent and creative dish selection from empanadas to paella! I highly recommend checking this place out if you are in the neighborhood!  

Roll N’ Dough, Rockville MD

Sadly seems like this amazing new Italian takeout didn’t last long in Rockville Town Center’s highly competitive restaurant atmosphere, but while it was open this restaurant was absolutely amazing compared to the nearby options. I would highly recommend checking them out if they managed to stay open.  

Himalayan Heritage, Bethesda MD

Himalayan Heritage is an uncommon and awesome traditional Himalayan restaurant with excellent mix of Himalayan and Nepalese dishes right off of Bethesda Avenue in Bethesda, MD. I highly recommend checking this place out! 

Le Bledo Bakery and Cafe, Springfield VA

Le Bledo Bakery and Cafe is a nice little Vietnamese place with all sorts of dishes and desserts. If you can’t find it here, it probably does not exist in the area. Napoleon cake? And the awesome Vietnamese ice coffee will surely satisfy your dessert craving after having one of their bahn-mi’s. I highly recommend […]

Azitouna Pizza, Washington DC

Azitouna Pizza is a solid takeout spot off of Martin Luther King Jr Avenue in Southeast DC. Their footlong subs are 12 inches long and large pizzas are bigger than most due to being cut in 16 slices instead of 8! The food is great and I highly recommend getting some of their food delivered […]

Rincon Peruano, Gaithersburg MD

Rincon Peruano is a family-run Peruvian restaurant located in the tiny downtown Gaithersburg and far outclasses the neighborhood it is in! From classic Peruvian chicken to their simply superb ceviche, Vilma and her staff know exactly what they’re doing and every dish reflects their love for food. I very highly recommend checking this place out […]

Yummy in My Tummy, Wheaton MD

Yummy in My Tummy is a very cozy, almost hidden Jamaican and African, family-run restaurant right off of Georgia Aveneue in Wheaton, MD, but aside from excellent food they’re famous for their in-house made ice cream and gelato. I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the area!