Dessie Ethiopian Restaurant & Market, Silver Spring MD

Dessie Ethiopian Restaurant and Market is one of the best Ethiopian places in Wheaton area! Full menu of authentic dishes, served in giant platters covered with injera and delicious and spiced oils that soak right in! They also serve traditional Ethiopian coffee in a communal setting that is a welcome change of pace to the […]

Nazret Ethiopian Restaurant, Falls Church VA

Right on the corner of George Mason Dr in Falls Church, VA, is an amazing Ethiopian restaurant Nazret. Very nice decor and superb dishes including their freshly ground, never frozen burgers that even lots of bigger restaurants don’t do these days! Highly recommend this place!

Letena, Washington DC

Smack in the middle of Columbia Heights, DC, is Letena – a quiet Ethiopian restaurant with awesome dishes and very nice atmosphere and decor.

Ethiopic, Washington DC

Right at the beginning of the H Street corridor (north east) is Ethiopic – a very good, authentic Ethiopian restaurant with great selection of dishes. Highly recommended!