Superbowl Noodle House, Rockville MD

Superbowl Noodle House is an incredible authentic Chinese gem of a restaurant located right in the Ritchie Center plaza on the crossing of Rockville Pike and Wootton Parkway in Rockville, MD, just a click from Richard Montgomery High School that I attended in the past. This place is seriously unlike any other Chinese restaurant I’ve […]

NaiNai’s Noodle & Dumpling Bar, Silver Spring MD

NaiNai’s Noodle & Dumpling Bar is a real treasure of Silver Spring, MD, with very fresh atmosphere and great fare of Chinese and Taiwanese street dishes and small bites. We all love our grandma’s cooking, and this is half of the theme of NaiNai’s, which means grandma in Chinese, and a thumbtack wall for you […]

Hunan To Go, Rockville MD

Tucked away from the bustle of Rockville Town Center is Hunan To Go – an authentic Hunan takeout place with amazing Chinese and Thai food. Highly recommend trying this one out!

Seven Seas Chinese Restaurant, Rockville MD

Hidden on the southern tip of Rockville and in the back of Federal Plaza is Seven Seas – an absolutely solid Chinese-American restaurant with superb standard and authentic dishes, and that includes some Japanese fare like sushi as well! Most notable is their Imperial Soup that traditionally feeds eight people, but depending on your appetite […]

Dragon City Restaurant, Silver Spring MD

Dragon City is definitely one of the better Chinese takeout/small dine-in restaurants downtown Silver Spring. Items are simple, but very good especially for the prices! Highly recommend this if you are in the mood for some quick Chinese food.

Shiso Tavern, Baltimore MD

Strolling through Canton, Baltimore, trying to decide between Mexican, Thai, or Japanese eats? What about a combination of two? What about… all three? Shiso Tavern is definitely your answer with its awesome trifecta fusion menu and fantastic Japanese decor. If you’re in the mood for a more American fusion cuisine, it’s sister restaurant Blue Hill […]