Italian Gourmet Deli, Alexandria VA

Italian Gourmet Deli is a awesome little Korean-run deli spot between Eisenhower Avenue and King Street metro stations that offers all your standard Italian fare and even has a nice little bar with draft beer to boot! I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in the area!

NY Chicken and Grill, District Heights MD

NY Chicken and Grill is a no frills quick bite and take-out that has a pretty good variety of American and Tex-Mex dishes. Food is good here, so I do recommend stopping by if you happen to be in this remote-ish area.

Sammiches Catering, Upper Marlboro MD

A spacious restaurant and catering company in between auto repair shops, Sammiches Catering offers far more than just sammiches and all of it is pretty good. Prices are just right too!

Pizza Bolis, College Park MD

We all know and love Pizza Bolis here in the DC area. Good prices, good pizzas as well as many other dishes. I personally lived right behind one location during High School and abused their takeout discounts regularly. Definitely recommend this chain! For some more shots, check out my post about their Silver Spring location.

South Street Steaks, Bethesda MD

South Street Steaks is a Philly-styled quick bite and takeout on Cordell Avenue in the heart of Bethesda, MD. Pizza, cheesesteaks, hoagies and other classic grub with excellent taste!

Italian Gourmet Deli, Alexandria VA

Italian Gourmet Deli is a nice little spot in south of downtown Alexandria with amazing fresh sanwiches, made with Boar’s Head meats, and other cold and hot Italian dishes. There is also a mini bar, so happy hour can be had alongside a tasty sandwich or a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. With my schedule, […]