Rincon Peruano, Gaithersburg MD

Rincon Peruano is a family-run Peruvian restaurant located in the tiny downtown Gaithersburg and far outclasses the neighborhood it is in! From classic Peruvian chicken to their simply superb ceviche, Vilma and her staff know exactly what they’re doing and every dish reflects their love for food. I very highly recommend checking this place out if just for the ceviche alone! The best ceviche around for sure.

I had to stretch this shoot across 2 visits because a power line went down behind them and caused a blackout on the whole block on the initial day for the shoot and I only got to do the ceviche (which definitely peaked my interest). On the following day, the 5 dishes necessary took almost an hour to be made while the restaurant was dead, and that alone told me that Vilma and her cooks take their time and make sure everything is prepared to perfection. The taste naturally reflected my guess and I’ve come back here several times afterwards and still recommend it to all of my friends.

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