Samurai Japanese Steak Sushi Bar Fairfax VA Hero 550x440 - Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, Fairfax VA

Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, Fairfax VA

It’s pretty rare to find an actually Japanese-run Japanese restaurants in the whole DC-MD-VA area, and Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is one of those hidden gems! Excellent sushi, hibachi grill, and even buffet options of Chinese dishes sure to please any customer that dines here. I highly recommend checking this place out if […]

Miso Fusion Cafe Rockville MD Hero 550x440 - Miso Fusion Cafe, Rockville MD

Miso Fusion Cafe, Rockville MD

Miso Fusion Cafe is a very creative Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant in the heart of Rockville Town Center with superb decor, atmosphere, table-top games and of course the dishes. I highly recommend trying just about anything on their menu, you really cannot go wrong here.

Tako Grill Bethesda MD Hero 550x440 - Tako Grill, Bethesda MD

Tako Grill, Bethesda MD

Tako Grill is an amazing authentic Japanese restaurant in the heart of Bethesda, MD, that is actually Japanese-owned and run – a real rarity in the Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, and Rockville areas. The food here is fantastic and fully ranges from various dons, to sushi and edamame. Absolutely and highly recommend this place as […]

Morimoto Philadelphia Hero 550x440 - Morimoto, Philadelphia PA

Morimoto, Philadelphia PA

Had the pleasure of shooting Morimoto in Philly, which needs no introduction. Awesome Iron Chef restaurant that’s absolutely worth checking out! Dishes and atmosphere are exquisite and it was the first time I had barracuda sashimi (one piece of which rings 10$ by itself).

Bubblefish Philadelphia Hero 550x440 - Bubblefish, Philadelphia PA

Bubblefish, Philadelphia PA

Smack on the edge of Chinatown in Philly is an amazing little sushi restaurant Bubblefish. From simple to really creative sushi rolls and sashimi items, to other Japanese food like dons and poke they have it all! To boot, their lighting made for one of my best shoots last August despite power going out right […]

Food Hunan No One Arlington VA Nigiri Combo - Sushi at Hunan #1 - Arlington, VA

Sushi at Hunan #1 – Arlington, VA

Not only did everything taste great, but the shots turned out quite well to boot. Combo nigiri platter Alongside these was the owner’s, Dale’s, special roll.