For a wedding? They do not exist. For studio work, it’s an easy fix. But for food? HOW in the fucking world do you fuck-up a FOOD shoot this badly, when you’re supposed to only use natural light and actually work with the venue?? And all while following a DETAILED, PICTORIAL style guide. Clearly someone nor has the basic skills nor desire for that easy, good money NOR the awesome food post-shoot….

SpiceEnd pav bhaji nativemedium - Re-Shoot

SpiceEnd chickenbiryani nativemedium - Re-Shoot

SpiceEnd chickentikkaroll 2880x2304medium - Re-Shoot

SpiceEnd hero nativemedium - Re-Shoot

So this is how it’s done, with eyes closed even –

SpiceEnd Hero 550x440 - Re-Shoot

SpiceEnd PavBhaji 550x440 - Re-Shoot

SpiceEnd ChickenBiryani 550x440 - Re-Shoot

SpiceEnd ChickenTikkaRoll 550x440 - Re-Shoot

So NEVER hire anyone prior to seeing their consistency and portfolio.

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