Olazzo, Bethesda MD

Amazing little Italian place in the heart of Bethesda, with another location in Silver Spring, with quite the selection of wine on top of awesome food.

[singlepic id=2666 w=500 h= float=none] Mango salmon is a very nice combo I did not expect, and goes to show how versatile salmon is as a fish dish.

[singlepic id=2664 w=500 h= float=none] Chicken salad is packed with flavor thanks to the wide variety of greens and goat cheese.

[singlepic id=2665 w=500 h= float=none][singlepic id=2668 w=500 h= float=none]Both pasta dishes are amazing as well and from two completely different tastes. Fresh mozzarella goes especially nice with spaghetti than grated and dry type, let alone another cheese altogether.

[singlepic id=2669 w=500 h= float=none]Sausage bruschetta can almost be its own dish rather than an appetizer.

[singlepic id=2667 w=500 h= float=none] In all, this is an excellent little restaurant just like its sister Alatri Bros pizza and grill.

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  • […] Alatri Bros is a fantastic Italian pizzeria in the heart of Bethesda with creative and delicious dishes and great selection of beer. The decor and atmosphere is up to par with their food as well! Meatball sliders as well as their spicy pizzas are definitely items to chow down on here. Highly recommend this place as well as their sister Italian store, Olazzo. […]


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