Afters Cafe Baltimore Hero 2 550x440 - Afters Cafe, Baltimore MD

Afters Cafe, Baltimore MD

Afters is a very cozy and quiet cafe in Federal Hill Montgomery, Baltimore, with awesome selection of drinks, Froyo, and plenty coffee table games to pass the time. Can’t forget free WiFi either!

Grill Cheese Co Baltimore Hero 550x440 - Grill Cheese Co, Baltimore MD

Grill Cheese Co, Baltimore MD

Grill Cheese Co is a very creative grill cheese sandwich shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore. From meatballs to crab spread, they’ll put anything into a grill cheese!

Fette Sau Philadelphia Hero2 550x440 - Fette Sau, Philadelphia PA

Fette Sau, Philadelphia PA

On the edge of Olde Kensignton and Fishtown in Philly is Fette Sau- an amazing whiskey bar and smoke house. The meat is to die for, just like it did for you! Highly recommend this place!

Vietnam House Philadelphia Hero 550x440 - Vietnam House, Philadelphia PA

Vietnam House, Philadelphia PA

Nice little Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown, Philly. Besides awesome selection of dishes, the giant wooden ship decoration is almost worth the visit alone!

Spice End Philadelphia Hero 550x440 - Spice End, Philadelphia PA

Spice End, Philadelphia PA

Nice little Indian place in Rittenhouse Square, Philly, and my first re-shoot about which you can read here. Food here is great and creative like the rolls/wraps instead of the standard bowls.

Chickies And Petes Philadelphia Hero 550x440 - Chickie's & Pete's, Philadelphia PA

Chickie’s & Pete’s, Philadelphia PA

Had the pleasure of re-shooting Chickie’s & Pete’s in Philly, because apparently it is very possible to screw up a natural light-only shoot with too much gear, flash, and being otherwise shady. I delivered exactly what the owners wanted and earned myself half of these amazing dishes plus a beer. And dishes? Absolutely crabtastic! I […]

Morimoto Philadelphia Hero 550x440 - Morimoto, Philadelphia PA

Morimoto, Philadelphia PA

Had the pleasure of shooting Morimoto in Philly, which needs no introduction. Awesome Iron Chef restaurant that’s absolutely worth checking out! Dishes and atmosphere are exquisite and it was the first time I had barracuda sashimi (one piece of which rings 10$ by itself).

Sweet Charlies Philadelphia Hero 550x440 - Sweet Charlie's, Philadelphia PA

Sweet Charlie’s, Philadelphia PA

On the edge of Center City, Philly, lies Sweet Charlie’s – Thai-style rolled ice cream shop. Line typically stretches for half a block well before they open, so get there nice and early if you want to treat yourself to this delight!

Farmers Keep Philadelphia Hero 550x440 - Farmer's Keep, Philadelphia PA

Farmer’s Keep, Philadelphia PA

Looking for interesting and fresh take on fresh-from-the-farm idea where you can make your own entrees with the given selection of ingredients around Rittenhouse Square in Philly? Look no farther than Farmer’s Keep on the 20th.